Create A Water Ripple Effect In After Effects

Mobox Graphics shows how you can make a water ripple effect using a displacement map in Ae.

In a new tutorial, Mobox Graphics’ Mike Ridolfi shows how you can easily create an amazing water ripple effect using Displacements.
With just one click of the mouse it’s possible for anyone with basic computer skills and After Effects knowledge to make beautiful animations like never before!

These displacement maps give depth without having any 3D models or anything else complicated- they’re perfect if all your project needs is some dimensionality on low budget terms. In this particular video lesson from beginning steps through completion we see him go step bystep as he creates his own customizable swirly ripples completeley customized making them suitable whether used in promoting products such as those at Ocean State Job Lot where customers often come looking specifically.

Super-Easy Water Ripple.

The tutorial covers creating a custom greyscale animated map in Ae using some simple effects. It’s this map that then establishes the ripple in the displacement effect. Additionally, you will learn how to loop the animation, and add a retro TV-style to the animation.