Create An Animated Logo With Realflow And Cinema 4D

MographPlus Has a Look at Using Advanced Effects to Animate a Logo Using RealFlow and Cinema 4D

MographPlus is an exceptional animation and graphics studio that has created a 17-part tutorial on using advanced effects. This project based video, which can be found here:

Starts off by importing the company’s logo from illustrator into c4d – in order to create their 3D model for rendering within Real Flow software (a fluid simulation program). From there they export this unto Realflow where we see how Kamel Khezri begins his work inside of it before moving onto another app called Keyshot,

The tutorial series seems to either be an excerpt or the entire course of one of their MographPlus titles, Advanced 3d motion graphics in Cinema 4D and Realflow. That title has had its price slashed from $38 to just 20 bucks with 17 videos that you can check out for how-to-use those programs together!