Create An Easy After Effects Glitch With One Animation And One Effect

The Waenderer offers a super-easy way to make an animated glitch with one text layer and one effect.

The Waenderer’s technique is a simple way to create glitch effects in After Effects. Glitches are aesthetic that you can find all over the internet, not just because they look cool but also for their unique properties like glitches caused by Ramzi Youssef during his day job at an advertising company when working with Adobe Systems Incorporated on Photoshop 7 back in 2001.

Easy Glitch in After Effects

The Waenderer’s glitch has just two components. A text animation handled by After Effects’ professional animators and a levels effect that produces an output tone of voice through strong motion blur, aggressive crushing in the histogram–all without any extra work on your part!

How to Glitch the Wrong Way

The Waenderer also posted how you can make your glitch with a much more realistic premise, which also holds higher stakes.