Create An Easy Cinematic Crop Using The Motion Tile Effect In After Effects

Mikey Borup shares a quick tip for creating the cinematic crop effect in After Effects. Ae has no tool that can get you top and bottom bars with any degree of accuracy, but there’s an easy way around it!

In this video from MikeyBorups YouTube channel “Tutorials By Mike,” he demonstrates how to create your own custom masking template so focus goes only where desired-which makes cropping shots much easier than before without having too worry about getting numbers perfect because we’re going cover everything else does all our work.

There is not an obvious way to do a crop in After Effects if you want to create the super widescreen cinema lookMikey Borup

Mikey suggests using the Motion Tile effect in After Effects to create a cinematic crop. This will allow you numerically enter how much of your desired top-to-bottom cropping size that you would like, but it also has an additional “pan and scan” feature which lets users move around within their cropped images by moving tile center attribute . So what are some favorites?

“I love working with motion tiles because they give me more creative control over my final video output.”