Create An Energy Pulse Animation In Blender Eevee

Nathan Duck shows how to make a procedural energy pulse effect using for Eevee.

Things are changing fast for Blender users. Since version 2.8 there has been a lot of new features and enhancements from the interface, to animation nodes, grease pencils as well as an updated real-time viewport rendering engine called Eevee that is being shown in this tutorial by Nathan Duck who teaches how he created his own procedurally setup effect using engird pulse animations written specifically about it when creating content for these kind engines.

A few months ago after having started learning what was available within blender’s toolbox I began looking at other software such s Maya or Houdini because they both offered more powerful toolsets than ever before but one specific feature stood out: Real Time Previewing while working.

Nathan has cranked out some great tutorials that deal with realtime shading and effects under Eevee, as well creating procedural shaders for both Cycles rendering in Blender. Check out his most recent tutorial on how he makes an 80’s style sunset using only the program’s prebuilt components! It will be available soon so make sure to check back here soon or follow him on YouTube if you don’t want miss it first – because who doesn’t love free stuff?

I can tell by looking at this post alone there are two things going down: one is learning about something new (in this case software), another might not know what exactly they’re getting themselves into when reading online posts.