Create An Island Scene In Blender 2.8 – Eevee Island Environment Beginner Tutorial Pt. 4

By CG Cookie

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Blender Beginner Basics:
What is Blender?

Let’s start a summer Blender project 🏝
I’ve been working on a side project lately and I’m really enjoying painting with simple shapes. The best part about this style of art is how creative you can be with color! If any designers out there want to see more stylized work, let me know because my stream will feature these pieces soon enough 🙂

Building simplistic stylized environment assets:
Above all the style above is super FUN to create. Their simplicity is not only appealing to look at, it also enables for faster creation compared to their photo-real counterparts.

Link-based workflow:
It’s important to be able to work with linking systems in order for you and your team members on the project manage assets. If every person had access only one version of an asset, then that would make things more difficult when someone wants something changed or added into their scene because they’d have wait till everyone finishes working before getting started themselves! So by adding these individual files together in different environments it means there are backups so if anything goes wrong at any time during production–all alterations will still reflect correctly throughout each environment.”

Eevee for large scenes:
Eevee is a great tool for smaller projects, but it can get clunky when you need to do something big. Let’s work on how we make Eevees more versitile!