Create Animated Pool Water with Caustics Using Blender and LuxCore

By Jared Pike

How I create pool water for my Instagram shots using Blender and LuxCore Renderer. Hope you enjoy! Make sure that the program is fully installed before opening up this scene, as it does take some time to render each frame of animation on demand; remember we’re going low budget here so make every use count 🙂

Download LuxCore:
Starter Scene:

My Instagram:

00:00 Start
00:20 LuxCore Intro
00:42 Starter File
01:22 Lighting
02:29 Add Water
04:09 Water Shader
06:00 Camera Settings
07:05 Caustic Settings
09:00 Add Animation
11:15 Animation Render Settings
13:32 Create Image Sequence
14:20 Temporal Filtering
15:57 Extend Footage
17:11 Export Animation

Special thanks to Sharlybg for teaching me about the caustic settings.