Create Anime-style Explosion Effects In Blender

A guide on how to create stylized smoke and explosion effects with Kristof Dedene as an expert.

Kristof Dedene is a talented 3D artist who has made some interesting tutorials in his past few videos. From creating fire effects to Ghibli-style clouds, there’s no shortage of creativity with Kristof! Now he shows us how we can make smoke and explosions too by using clever tricks that will sure impress your friends on Facebook or Twitter when they see it come up while scrolling through their feeds this afternoon.

One great thing about watching these video posts from him? They always have cool illustrations attached which help explain what exactly you should do during each step–a pretty nice touch if I might add 🙂

The explosion in this tutorial is made up of three different pieces: a model, an animation and some shading. Download the scene files or watch it live here!