Create Arnold Displacement And Textures From Photos

Brent LeBlanc Shows How to Turn Photographs Into High-Resolution Color, Specular, Roughness and Arnold Displacement Maps.

3D artists spend a lot of time thinking about what they see when they look at their art, but sometimes it’s helpful to take some steps back and just appreciate how beautiful the world is. Photography can be an excellent way for 3d matte.
persons to gather reference material without having any preconceived notions about where or how something might fit into your scene!

First, you need to turn your photographs into high-resolution Color and Displacement maps. Then with the help of Arnold 5’s mapping tools such as displacement textures or colorspecies mode for photoshop actions; it becomes easy to create beautiful looking 3D models from any photo!

In addition to being able to add variation in materials using Object ID efficiently, and take that variation up a notch with scattering leaves for those who are more advanced.
Brent has also created other great tutorials on his YouTube channel which show how you can create custom paper surfaces or simulate liquid surface flow through various channels like sheets of glass!