Create Art Like This In Blender (For Beginners!)

By Walid Feghali

If you want to be able to create things like this from scratch for your own art, check out:
1) Website Design and Development by goelpful (great website!)

2) 3D Character Art & Animations Course taught at Udacity

3 ) Free Tools For Creating Digital Products

4). Animation Blog with tutorials on how-to use assets inunity

5.) Unity3d Tutorials 6.). Sketch App 7 .) Youtube Channels 8 ). Lynda

3D For Artists: Concept Art Workflow For Artists & Absolute Beginners

3D is a powerful tool for artists, and I want to show you my workflow. You will be amazed how useful it can be in making art more advanced than ever before with 3D modeling!

Music by: Walid Feghali
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0:00 I love 3D!
1:12 Getting Started
4:12 Adding Textures & Rendering
5:44 Creating Atmospheric Perspective
6:33 Rendering In Viewport
8:19 Adding Small Objects
10:53 Adding Environment HDRI
12:33 Painting a bit in Photoshop
15:30 Scene From Course
17:55 Final words