Create Better Bubbly Liquids With The Maya Particle To Bubble Script

Bryan Woodard shows how to use the Particle to Bubble script in Maya. This will convert your nParticles into bubbles that replace their individual positions, making it easier for you when working with animations or particles at different resolutions!

The Particle to Bubble script is a great way for developers to get their hands on some fantastic bubble rendering, and allows them even more options in terms of what they want. The bubbles are converted from particles which means it’s easier than ever before!

A script that takes particles being emitted in Maya and queries their position, finally replacing the current location with a bubble.

The Particle to Bubble script will take any particles being emitted in Maya and query their positions. Then, it replaces them with geometry based on a dynamic nCloth solution!

Using dynamic geometry for bubbles allows you to use shaders that would not be supported by Maya nParticle renders, which means your project could have more potential.

The Maya Particle to Bubble Script is an interesting script that can be found on GitHub. Bryan Woodard, the author of it talks at length about how he created this program and its relevance in our industry today with cold calls being more popular than ever before as well as other tips for managing your day-to-day workflow efficiently all while having a great time doing what you love! Check out his post here – Creating The Mayaa Particles To BubblesScript  for complete information pertaining just him or also see below if interested only by Cold Calls Vs Warm Prospects.