Create Dynamic Rope In Minutes With Horope

Markus Gonser shows how easy it is to create dynamic rope with HoRope.

HoRope is a free and easy to use tool for Cinema 4D artists that can create dynamic rope rigs in seconds. It’s developed by Pasha Ho, an artist with over 15 years of experience working on some major motion pictures including Iron Man 3 (Review). This latest tutorial from 3DBonfire shows how fast you could set up your own custom made strand simulation within C4D – so give it try today!

HoRoPe Is Free & Super-Simple To Utilize.

Easy Dynamic Rope Systems.

With HoRope, just create a rope object and place it under the spline. Then adjust its settings to get an interesting result! You can even use this with C4D’s dynamics system if you want too

WithHOropeyoucaneditawould-beobjectintoanythingfromorsetofwireormetal barsandthenplaceitunderasplineswithfewquicktweakingsinthesettings(they’llletyoutoo).