Create Easy Glitches Using The After Effects

Evan Abrams takes a look at using the After Effects Transform Effect to create an easy image glitch effect that can be driven by simple random expressions.

A lot of people like glitches and imperfections in their photos, so this will make for some cool visuals! As you add more effects such as distorting shapes or blurring parts of objects with other layers on top; even if they don’t match exactly what was originally there – it’ll still give them character because these alterations were made intentionally which gives meaning behind how we use technology today.”

There’s an effect for that? There sure is. And you can use it to make cool glitches

Evan takes the Transform Effect into a new and creative direction by using it as an element in his glitch effect.
In this video, Evan demonstrates how to create visual glitches with just one layer! He starts by creating two copies of himself:

first on top of each other so they’re stacked together like pancakes;

then he separates them out again but still has their lower half stuck at different locations around where we’ll put our eye lines going through those layers—

so now there’s kind’ve three “selves” overlapping each other . Next thing ya know…