Create Frame By Frame Animation Right In After Effects

Lee Daniels shows how you can use Ae native brush tools to create frame by frame animations.

If you use After Effects, there are a lot of small features that may not seem important at first but can really come in handy. For example using its brush engine and creating frame-by-frame animations – we’ll show you how with this quick tip from Lee Daniels!

The brush tool is simple enough to use when you want create a frame-by-frame animation, but it does have some drawbacks. The engine isn’t what one might be used with Photoshop or any other modern app; Ae won’t let me draw directly in the view either (though there are third party plugins).

Also every stroke that I make becomes its own layer element under another – which can get complicated fast! Still though this program has never been more convenient for quick sketches like these short little animations where speed really matters most.”