Create Highly Realistic Rain On A Window In After Effects

Quba Michalski shares a technique for creating the effect of rain hitting and dripping on your window. You can easily use any particle generator to handle this task, as well as some native tools in Ae that will give it an incredible refractive look against its background.

The thing is, that creating rain on a window can be tough -The subtlety of the details that are needed to sell the sequence will impress you.

In this massive, 3-chapter tutorial you will learn how to create an After Effects scene with a realistic rain dripping down a window

Quba’s tutorial is three parts, with part one focusing on preparing the background plate to use for an outside view. The second deals with creating rain using Trapcode Particular and in this video Quba walks you through each step so that it’s easier than ever before!

The final part of this workshop will be on post effects and compositing. Participants can expect to learn how they use After Effects tools like the motion tracker, paint bucket tool, or magic Bullet plugins in order to create highly realistic raindrops hitting a window with particles also generated by these techniques for an even more convincing result!

Visit QubaHQ for the complete tutorial that shows how to create highly realistic rain on a window in After Effects here.
From drops of water to puddles and streams; we show you every step with our easy-to-follow guide!

More Resources for Creating Rain On a Window

It is customary to use visual displacements and particles in order to create rain on a window. There are many tutorials about it, but they all follow similar themes since the topic can get very digressive if one tries various techniques without understanding how each part works together as an entire project for example using different weather effects with transparent layers may produce desired results while another might not work at all because there would be too much contrast between their respective backgrounds

Some people enjoy creating storms or other types of precipitation by layering wet substances over still images which then transition into videos when done right.

Creating and rendering rain on a window in Blender is not an easy task. It can get really complicated if you don’t know what information the tool needs to make it happen smoothly, but with some practice, anyone should be able to produce quality-looking droplets of water for their project! In this post, we will look at how to create realistic-looking drops using metaballs so your scenes have more depth than just flat colors or lights alone.

Rain on windows is a great idea for those who want to make their videos extra realistic. Raindrops can create an effect just like it would be raining outside, giving you all sorts of breathtaking shots that would otherwise not exist in video editing software such as Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro.

It doesn’t matter what type of footage or background music you’ve already got because with the help of our plugin HitFilm’s unique approach this will finally become possible! This tool allows us raindrop simulations without ever having any captured natural lightning strikes so if there are no clouds visible nearby then no worries either – we got everything covered here Gonna post my own tutorial soon about creating After Effects & Trapcode Partic.