Create Multiple Text Layers In After Effects

CreativeDojo’s VinhSon Nguyen created a new text generator script for After Effects, The Dojo Text Generator instantly creates multiple layers from delimited text input. This makes it easy to “bulk load” texts that you may have anywhere – whether those be documents or other applications such as Word which can save many different types of files with one document type.
In this case we’re using Excel but the idea works similarly across all platforms without any conversion needed!

Instantly create multiple text layers based on input and separator rules, or break apart existing text layers onto new separate layersVinhSon Nguyen –

By using the Dojo Text Generator, you can easily generate text layers in After Effects with a few clicks of your mouse. With this tool’s easy-to-use interface and wide variety of available styles for generating new words or phrases from existing ones (including capitalization), it’ll be hard not to find what one needs when working on their next project!

Dojo Text Generator Can:

  • Generate text layers based on input text
  • Break apart existing text layers into separate text layers
  • Ability to change the Separator that defines when a new text layer is generated
  • Automatically enable 3D and motion blur for generated text layers
  • Flip order of text layers

Dojo Text Generator

The Dojo Text Generator Script is being offered through aescripts + Aeplugins, or it’s available for download on! Check out the awesomely creative and attention-grabbing text generator tool in action with our top posts here.