Create Pixel Particle Animations In After Effects

Noble Kreative shows how you can make abstract animations that use pixel particles in Ae using standard plugs.

If you’re looking for a motion graphic design tutorial that will teach how to use Ae’s plugins and tools in an easy-to follow manner, then this new video from Noble Kreative is just what the doctor ordered. The result looks great too!

Easy Pixel Particles and Animation.

Najib Khayati shows how you can use Card Dance, Venetian Blinds and some other effects to build an abstract looking pixel particle effect. The result typically something that would be seen from Trapcode Form or other third-party 3D plugins for Photoshop!

About Najib Khayati. 

The goal of Najib Khayati is to provide tutorials for aspiring actors and artists. He also provides training in not just art, but film-making as well through his company Noble Kreative which he founded back in 2010 with the mission “to help people reach their full creative potential.”

Najib started out studying fine arts at Central Saint Martins before going on to complete a MSc from London’s Royal Academy School For Dramatic Arts (RADA). With such diverse backgrounds it’s no surprise that Naj has found success spanning across multiple industries including photography where you can find examples shot by him showcased all over Instagram!