Create Real-time Dispersion For Blender Eevee And Cycles

Blazraidr Shows How to Create a Dispersion Shader Which Will Work With Both Cycles and Eevee

Today we will be looking at how to build a nice dispersion shader in Blender that can work with the new viewport renderer. This is useful for when you want your glass and other highly refractive objects look like they’ve been broken apart by incoming light, but this effect doesn’t need much graphics power or time since most of it has already happened behind-the-scenes!

Blender is getting a brand-new advanced viewport that looks incredible. The new interface will be available for experimental builds in mid July, and it’s likely going to make your simulation projects come alive with realistic visuals! Eevee offers high end features like physically based rendering (BPR), screen space reflections & refractions as well volumetric lighting effects on top of some post process options such motion blur or DOF + Ambient Occlusion which are all very popular among artists these days.