Create Realistic Water with Ocean For After Effects

Ocean lets you build Custom 3D Bodies of water in After Effects from a Library of Elements.

To create realistic bodies of water in a video, it is necessary to use computer graphics. Three-dimensional applications such as SketchUp and Maya offer different tools for simulating oceans that can be used by the user when working on After Effects projects.

However, this process becomes more difficult because there aren’t many presets available like those found within other programs so you must customize everything from waves heights down to which continents will appear above or under them depending upon what layout perspective looks best with regards to floating landscapes

In order to create an immersive experience where viewers feel transported off shorelines without ever leaving their living rooms-it takes creativity!

One way of achieving the illusion of depth in an image is by using a technique called “depth rendering.” The first step would be to create your 3D plane, which could entail creating objects out their or any other method. Then you’d apply texturing on top that simulates waves like fractal noise for example- this helps displace surfaces into something similar looking as water’s surface before finally adding realistic visuals such as sky color and haze values within environments around us all day long!

The flexibility of Ocean provides endless, beautiful looks for a variety of applications

With the Ocean After Effects template from Creation Effects, all that can be a thing of the past.

Ocean for After Effects Makes it Easy.

Creation Effects latest offering is Ocean an After Effects template that makes it easy to create 3D bodies of water in 4k. The system goes further than simple fractal noise by using actual footage, whether HD or UHD resolution, for unparalleled realistic results! You can choose from 50 different looping clips – both shoreline and underwater alike- which come complete with a wide range of color options so you’re guaranteed to find just what your project needs
The new pack even lets users customize their own custom look through seamless integration into Adobe Photoshop CC & Illustrator CS6.

Splashes & Reflections

You can change the size, volume and direction of these special effects for a more realistic result.

Oceans for After Effects Availability

Oceans is available from Creation Effects for $39.00.

The kit is compatible with Adobe After Effects, versions CS6, and all later versions (including Creative Cloud). Works on both Mac or PC. No plugins are required! You can customize it to suit your needs without any worries: the color-coded interface makes it easy for anyone who wants a quick grasp of how things work together; because this project has been designed by experts in designing clever solutions – we call them “pseudo effects” – everything should function as expected even if you use older software like Photoshop version CC 2014/2015 .

Check out how to use Ocean for Ae below: