Create Selective Transparency On A Layer In After Effects

When creating selective transparency for your layers in After Effects, the Set Matte effect could be what you need. This is because it allows us to pick which parts on an object should be transparent or unclear by using a short Maylaw ( matte).

You can use the Opacity option in a layer to easily change how much of it is visible. For instance, you might want part of your design with 50% opacity while other parts retain their original color or transparency level for added interest and complexity on top . Joe Clay from Workbench will walk us through this process visually where things become more clear.

Joe says to use layers for selective transparency so that you can layer your colors accurately and keep a client’s palette intact. This is because the transparent parts will show whatever underlying image or design, while opacity masks it out completely in those areas where they cross other elements on top (creating an interesting visual effect).