Create Simple Cinematic Camera Moves In After Effects

Mike Ridolfi Shows the Basic Principles for Moving Getting Cinematic Camera Moves from Ae’s 3D Camera.

Ever wanted to make your videos more interesting and compelling? The motion of the camera can really bring a video together. It feels like there’s always some new technique coming out, but you never know when something that was once possible will become outdated or impossible! This is why we’re so glad Mike Ridolfi from MoBox Graphics has come up with his latest tutorial for achieving smooth cinematic moves in After Effects: How To Create Smooth Camera Cuts In Ae Using Lagrange Distances & Optimization Part 1 Of 2.

I found myself thinking about all sorts things while watching this – such as what were those terms again…? However by simplifying everything into three simple steps (or parts) he made understanding easier than other complicated methods I’ve seen before…

Ridolfi shows how to keyframe the camera while adjusting attributes like depth of field and adding vignetting. An excellent way to learn the basics is by fiddling with your properties, so in this tutorial Ridolfi keys those directly himself!