Create Simple Head Turns For Your Characters In After Effects

Henk Visser presents a method for creating head turns in After Effects that will make your animated character stand out.

David Legion’s method for creating head turns in Ae involves setting up a time remapped “lookup” layer that can be referenced with some expressions.

DuIK’s new character controller is intuitive and easy to use. The head turns, eyewinks or lip sync can be added with just one click of a button!

Daniel Gies, an expert in the field has come up with ways to improve your horse’s health and fitness. For example he used Mettle’s FreeForm Pro software that lets you create a semi-3D shape for horses so they can turn their heads easier while moving around at full speed on race tracks or fields of play where there are no fences!

If you don’t have the help of a third party plugin, or are not so expression / script savvy what options do you have?

Henk shows us how he approaches the character head turn by using a disc of poses that can then be turned to display each different version. By setting up this “view window” for Henks heads, we are able mask out other versions and only view what is needed with just one flip of his disc!