Create Your Own Metaball Field In Houdini

Luca Scheller is a 3D generalist and Visual Effects Artist based out of Munich who has been creating some Houdini tutorials that cover the ins-and outs surrounding VFX. His latest video takes us on an intriguing journey into one aspect: meta balls! Using volume wrangling, he shows how you can build your own field using these tricky but powerful contraptions – perfect if puzzles are what gets your blood pumping (or even just fun.

Houdini already has a Metaball surface node that can create MetaBall and MetaSurfaces, which are both used in modeling as well an animation. The effect of this is called “Meta Ball”. In order to learn what you could do with it might be worth making one yourself! Download the scene file from here.

VEX is a fast and low level language in Houdini that allows you to build your own custom operators for geometry, volumes audio or images. Unlike coding languages such as C# or Java where developers need an understanding of object oriented programming (OOP) before they can even begin using them effectively VEX does not require any knowledge about creating nodes which makes it easy enough so anyone from designers down through animators will find themselves at home with this toolset right away.