Creating 3d Props And Assets With 3d-coat, Zbrush

Tim Kaminski is a concept artist who regularly posts some great tutorials on his Youtube Channel. Recently, he has been offering insights into the process of making game ready props using 3D-Coat and Substance Painter in addition to ZBrush .

A multi part tutorial / process video covers how Tim typically creates these objects for use within games with help from both programs’ toolsets as well as other techniques like texturing models through Photoshop layers or unwrapping one polygonal piece at time instead of whole object generation methods.

The process of creating a 3D model starts with the base mesh in 3D-Coat, which is created by sculpting and decimating. This step requires some back-and forth between ZBrush for retopology work as well as Painter to paint on surfaces that have been constructed using other software programs like Substance Paint Tool.[1]

The method described above includes many tasks done manually such as modeling (sculping & deforming), texturing (textured painting) or even textures generation from scratch!