Creating A 32 Frame Walk Cycle In Maya

Jonathan Symmonds shows how to create a standard walk cycle for your character in Animation, providing an excellent resource as it is new and up-to-date.

This is the intro to a basic walk cycle on 32 frames.This animation tutorial is for new students to learn how to animate a basic walk cycle

If you’re an animator looking for a walk cycle, look no further. Jonathan provides tips on how to make your character’s legs move in the right direction and demonstrates the entire process from start-to-finish with some simple yet elegant examples along the way!

If I were teaching myself how to animate cel shaded characters like those used by Studio Ghibli or Dreamworks Animation Studios (among others), then one of my first tasks would be learning classic animation techniques such as setting up director poses that help me plan out what action will occur throughout each shot before taking crucial dandelion steps using software applications available.