Creating A Basic Abstract Particle Simulation In Houdini

CG artist and FX supervisor Niels Prayer shares his approach to creating an abstract particle simulation in Houdini, providing insight into the essentials for driving particles through behaviors.

In this tutorial, Niels shows off his particle attributes in Houdini and how to control velocity for the simulation. He additionally demonstrates scale manipulation by adding a focal point onto an individual position within each strand of particles which is useful when working with custom tools like L Navi’s SimPlume filter or any other fast rendering plugin such as Luxe render farm manager . You can download all three videos from here or continue reading below!

how to deal with particles and basics behaviours in Houdini.

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The Houdini animation tutorial featured creating a smoke effect that was trapped inside of an elegant glass sphere. The Pyro FX technology is used for this, and it even has its own render engine!