Creating A Basic Destruction Simulation In Houdini

Want to get started in SideFX Houdini? Break something! The destruction simulation is what makes this software great. Nodal workflow, tools for dynamics and constraints all make up an awesome playground that’s perfect for breaking things down.

If you are looking at diving into Houdini the first time, consider checking out this Destruction 101 tutorial series from “Hate After Effects”. The six-part video guide covers how to create a basic destruction simulation in Houdini 15 using Bullet Physics and teaches viewers what they need for their own projects.

We create the model asset in Autodesk Maya, and import it into Houdini. We get some basic glue constraints for the fracturing elements that will be done inside of this program; then you’ll learn how to simulate with lots on options!

Side FX has a free learning edition, Houdini Apprentice created just for beginners. Visit SideFxForMoreInformation to learn more about this amazing program that will help you create your own fire animation with ease!