Creating A Character From An Existing Rig In Cinema 4d

The Character Rigging tools in Cinema 4D are a powerful and easy to use tool. It takes less technical knowledge than other aspects of 3D, which is great for artists who may not be as familiar with this feature yet! The character objects can also help your workflow because they allow you create different versions quickly instead one single body type like an object would provide.

Cinema 4D is a powerful tool for character creation. Bret Bays just released the Custom Character Template Primer, which will act as an introduction to all of your custom template needs! This first part covers what you need in order get started with this new series and how it can be used by anyone looking at starting their own characters or animation workflows.

how to make a template quickly and easily from an existing rig.

Bret also shows how to build your own simple character template from an existing rig — A process that is actually more quick and painless, than one might anticipate.
“But I want the newest shiny thing!” you say? Well fret no more because this old dog has got some new tricks up his sleeve!

Bret Breaks down and defines the elements that will be used for creating custom character templates, such as what a Character Object is versus an in-game asset. There’s some really great info on this article not to miss out! Be sure you check out Custom Character Template Primer:

A Guide To Getting Started which has information about components tags within Cinema 4D software program or other related topics like importing assets from different sources; we hope it helps clear up any confusion around navigating through these complex toolsets with ease.”