Creating A Character Model In Blender 2.9 || Beginner’s Tutorial Series Teaser 2021

By Stylized Creations

Hii Guys

In this video I am giving a brief description of my upcoming tutorial series. It will cover tips for running and managing your blog, how giveaways can help with SEO rankings as well marketing strategies such social media advertising or content creation in order to increase traffic!

I am going to start a Tutorial Series on How to Create a Low Poly Character Model, without the use of an image as background. This can be done for beginners and experts alike!

Throughout this series
I’m going to create his base mesh, starting with head and torso. Then I will apply an armature for him which is the process of Rigging in Unity that makes a model move correctly as they are animated by their operating system (OS). After this has been done texture-wise we’ll paint on some colors before animating my character!

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