Creating a custom ZBrush UI that works

By Pablo Muñoz Gómez

In this video, I’m going to show you how to customise your ZBrush UI with a purpose. The ‘why’ is a lot more important than the ‘how’, but if you just want to learn the practical steps to change things in the ZBrush UI, you can jump to minute 7:30 in the video or to minute 25:10 for some more ‘advanced’ tips.

The best advice I could share for creating your custom UI is to record your screen while you work on a project (you can use something like OBS). Watching back the recording will give you a very good idea of the tools that you use the most (or not).

If you are interested in getting my custom UI as a reference or starting point, you can download it from the links below (the zip file contains both the right-handed and left-handed UI layouts):


If you are new to ZBrush, I’d strongly suggest keeping it the standard UI until you get more comfortable with the software 😉

– 0:00 – Intro
– 5:37 – Number 1 tip to customise your UI
– 7:32 – How to move/add/remove UI elements
– 12:15 – UI Colors
– 15:39 – Save / store custom UI
– 17:27 – Changing ‘wide buttons’
– 20:56 – Expanding areas of the UI with ’empty’ buttons
– 22:46 – ‘infinite’ scroll through the UI
– 25:10 – Creating your own Custom Palette
– 31:43 – Adding subpalettes to the custom palette


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