Creating A Face Rig For A Character In After Effects

Alice Markham Shows How to Create a Face Rig in After Effects With Some Handy 3rd-Party Tools.

Although After Effects is lacking when it comes to character rigging tools, there are some good free alternatives like DUIK and Alice’s Animator Toolset which you can find online. With the help ofJoysticks n’ Sliders tutorial by Zulu8you will learn how easily create a face rig for your puppet in seconds using simple Trapcode plugins!

Joysticks n’ Sliders is a powerful new tool that can be used for both 2D animation and 3D rigging in After Effects. It provides pose-based control over elements in your scene, allowing you to develop on screen controls similar the ones found within professional applications or even Moho Pro itself!

Adobe Character Animator is a great tool for transferring animated visemes from After Effects. It can automatically figure out the lip sync and make it easy to animate with your face rig in AE!

Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation does Right by Jason Osipa is a bible for those interested in facial animation. Not only does this book cover 3D modeling, it also has plenty of knowledge on how to apply basic principles from animating human faces with 2D or computer generated models as well!