Creating A Falloff Gizmo For Vertex Maps In Cinema 4d

Falloff Gizmo/Object is a node in Cinema 4D that lets you drive an offset vertex map. Yader asks, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have Falloff?” Well now with Mograph Xpresso (the new name for Morph Targets) we can do just that!

The concept here is to iterate through the points of a given polygon object, use that array as sample position on our falloff node and feed it into an weightmap which has been pre-populated with values. This allows you can apply these vertex map properties for example onto deformers without having any kind if Fall Off option or even just use them within material displacement channels!

In the world of animation, a Falloff Gizmo is an object that drives vertex maps. A standard concept in c4d and used on many of today’s deformers can be accessed through mograph xpresso node called “Falloff.”