Creating A Freeze Frame Effect In After Effects And Mocha

Dan Jacobs takes a look at creating the freeze frame effect in After Effects, where everything gets frozen and stays that way until it is out of shot.

The difference between this one and a lot of other freeze frame tutorials out there is that in this one, the frozen subjects actually go out of shot as the camera pans

Dan wanted to create an effect that would show the viewers what it’s like for someone who has lost their freedom. He decided on creating a frozen moment in time because he thought this type of travel was fascinating, and felt there were not many examples where people could actually go off screen (or rather; navigate through space). Dan chose After Effects as his tool kit due its flexibility when working with both video footage & still photos alike! With all these options at hand ,you’ll want Mocha by your side too since tracking shots can be tricky sometimes -but don’t worry I’ve got it covered here.