Creating A Ground Crack And Breaking Effect In After Effects And Cinema 4d

Daniel Caleb Smith walks through the process of creating a ground cracking and breaking up effect using Cinema 4D, where he finishes by compositing it in After Effects.

We’re going to take a look at how you can create your own custom ground cracking overlays for compositing in After Effects and Cinema 4D. We’ll also learn the ins-and outs of creating good workflows between these two programs while getting an understanding on what it takes, so let’s get started!

Daniel starts by matching the scene to a shot in Cinema 4D and creates basic stand-in geometry that will take cracking simulation using Thrausi plugin from Nitro4d. He also shows how render out some passes for compositing after post motion blur is added into After Effects, where he can use it as an effect when needed.

Daniel demonstrated his process of creating ground breaking pavement crack simulations within cg imagery through various techniques such as matched moving images/still shots or 3D rebuilding referencing original model pieces saved offscreen during animation playback which are then projected onto models locally without network latency so they behave more realistically than if generated remotely.