Creating A Jellyfish Animation In Cinema 4D And Octane

It’s time to make your own jellyfish in this C4D tutorial! You will learn how to create the base of it, textures for underwater scenes and render them using Octane.

Jellyfish are mesmerizing to watch. It’s likely why there are more than a few tutorials out there that show how to create and animate these creatures, but the latest addition is from Dennis Wei who goes through each step of his pipeline in Cinema 4D–from creating an outline for your animation on paper or digitally using markers & paint programs like Photoshop CC+, up until export- after which point if you have anything else left over then all bets ARE off!

The tutorial covers everything from modeling to rigging, animation and lighting. The students will work with Octane Render as well as After Effects for some really cool effects that you can’t get anywhere else!

The jellyfish animation was made by Motion Designer Daniel and he shares his techniques in the same vain as we do!
Wei notes that some of these rigging techniques were inspired from a tutorial written by another designer, who also took on making an underwater creature like this one. They both share many similarities which will help those looking into learning or improving their skills for working with rigged characters such as those found within animations–a field where knowledge about how things work under water is essential to success.”