Creating A Line Plane Intersection In Maya With Nodes

Technical DirectorMarco d’Ambros shows how you can create an intersection between two lines in Maya using Nodes and blocks. In the first part of this tutorial, he demonstrates what it takes to place a line plane accurately on screen with practical examples for each step along the way including creation time calculations so viewers know exactly when their change will take effect without having any guesswork involved! Next up: The maths behind these intersections-and why they’re important no matter where your work takes you

In this tutorial, I will show you how we can use Maya nodes to intersect two surfaces with a line. There is no need for complicated mathematics because these calculations happen in the Calculate Section of our node editor!

Marco has created some great in-depth tutorials before, if you remember the maya collision system with matrix tutorial a while back which provided some tips for working with Maya’s Matrix Nodes. All fantastic stuff and it would be awesome to hear from him on his experience! Make sure you let Marco know how appreciative we are by giving this video a like or maybe leaving comments why not?