Creating A Meteor Impact And Road Destruction With Maya Fracture Fx

The only thing better than creating and simulation destruction is watching it happen in real time. Whether you need to create a scene for film or computer graphics, these effects can be so much fun! It’s also really satisfying when they work out exactly how the designer imagined them. In this case study from Demolition expert Iskander Mellakh on how he created an effect that looks like meteors hitting Earth followed by fiery explosions of debris flying up into space- I’ll show what tools were used during production as well as share some insights gained while working through various shots myself over here at Weta Digital Ltd..

Welcome to the exciting world of Computer Aided Design! This article will take you through your first steps in simulations, marketting tools with Fracture FX. Whether it is an industrial design or 3D modeling project for architects now has never been easier than before thanks to these new developments that have made our lives so much more accessible- both professionally and personally.

In this Destruction in Production tutorial series, Demolition expert Iskander Mellakh walks thought the creation of a destruction shot from scratch. He shows how to set up an impact and road effects using Fracture FX which is cross-platform for Autodesk Maya that uses procedural workflow with event driven control allowing users complete reigns over simulations or directing their own shots providing them complete artistic freedom when crafting these complex scenes made possible only through our technology!