Creating A Realistic Leaf With Arnold Using Megascans

Arvid Schneider Covers How to Create Realistic Leaf and Foliage Shaders in Arnold, Using Quixel MegaScans Leaf Atlas

ILM Lighting TD Arvid Schneider takes Solid Angle’s Arnold 5 to the next level in his latest tutorial, creating realistic leaf and foliage shaders.

Arvid starts out by using Quixel MegaScans assets for leaf textures that will be the base of his material. The key to getting a realistic leaf in 3D is via creating double sided shaders, which can replicate how nature’s own materials reflect light depending on whether you are looking at its front or back side when it undergoes this process called transmittance (which technically isn’t even real).

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Arvid has started a Slack group called “lightshader” where you can go and chat about 3D shading, Maya or Arnold with the community. Check it out here!