Creating A Realistic Tree, Using Forester For Cinema 4D

3DQuakers’s Forester plugin has been a powerhouse in Softimage, generating forests and even flowers out of the procedural creation. Since it is being EOL’ed soon though, 3d-quake’s team have made their way over to c4d with this powerful tool!

Forester is a procedural creation addon that rendersthe creation of natural elements

Forester is finally available for purchase, with a release expected soon. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make this plugin so good!

A new post on CharbelKazanani’s blog has showcased how Foresters can be used in C4D to create more realistic looking trees.

Forester for C4D is a fantastic procedural creation and animation solution that doesn’t require leaving the comfort of your workflow. With tools like Speed Tree on the market, this plugin offers some pretty good insights into how it will operate in Cinema 4D as well as what can be possible with such an innovative new product!

With Forester for Cinema 4D, you can create a tree that looks and moves like the real thing. It’s easy! Visit 3DQuakers to learn more about this great tool.