Creating A Rotating Vector Globe In After Effects Using Aemap

Making a spinning globe can be an interesting and practical project to keep around. In this blog post, I have posted several “spinning globe” tutorials that use After Effects. The best part about making these animations for your broadcast work is you never run out!

This time around, I’m showing you how to create a quick and easy globe graphic/icon that can be easily animated to turnCalvin Swaim-

Creative Congo’s Calvin Swaim shows how to create a quick and easy-to use, yet professional looking animation for your videos. He does this by using native After Effects effects that are free on the Adobe labs website!

Here, the AEMap tool for After Effects gets taxed to build countries on a map. This plugin offers 287 different country options as well!

Calvin demonstrates how to achieve a sphere-like shape by warping the vectors into it. He uses CC Sphere Effect, rotates them once they are in After Effects and sets up an offset animation which tricks us viewers into thinking our video has spinning content.

If you want to create a Turning World Vector Graphic in After Effects, make sure to check out our tutorial! The list of resources that are associated with this particular video can be found here.