Creating A Spaceship In Blender

Andrew Price takes a look at creating what could be considered the future of space travel in Blender. He starts with sketches, moves on to concept modeling, and finishes off with rendered scenes that are sure to inspire you!

Learn how he created his impressive ship here: Plympton/watch?v=iKsxFgG4aDk

In this tutorial you will discover:

  • How to model a concept spaceship
  • How to use your own sketches as reference
  • How a combination of modifiers can aid you in modelling

Andrew Price writes: Since the start of this website, the topic of spaceships has been a hot request, and I’ve begun to understand why. Unlike real-world vehicles like cars and planes, spaceships don’t exist. So they don’t hold any preconceived boundaries about “how it should look” and are only limited by your imagination. Game on.