Creating A Volcano Smoke Plume In Houdini Using Pyro Fx

Scott Keating explores Houdini’s rad Pyro FX tools in creating an volcano and using the wide variety of effects to show how they are able to create smoke, fireballs with ease. He also demonstrates key attributes that make these types of simulations so effective for film work as well as velocity fields which help sculpt your creation even further!

A lot can be learned from watching Scott’s video about what Sidefx offers when it comes time use their high end VFX software like Houdini orKeynote Pro at any given moment.

In this lesson, you will explore how to create a volcano using Houdini’s Pyro FX tools. Starting with the shelf tool for creating voluminous smoke and lava plumes from an exploding mountain core deep within your computer monitor screen–the task at hand becomes evident: it requires customization!

You’ll learn about some key features while learning more advanced techniques that sculpt and shape what was once just another boring skyline into something beautiful yet terrifyingly real before finally adding fireballs showering down upon unsuspecting townsfolk below them in order get their attention so they can watch as Mount Fuji makes its grand entrance over Tokyo Bay.