Creating Advanced Rayfire Shatters Using 3ds Max Maya And V-ray

Arvid Schneider’s Advanced Rayfire Shatter tutorial consists of a multi-part look at how to get the most out of some new features in Max’s RayFire plugin. This represent his introduction and includes Modeling, Animation Simulation Rendering tutorials all rolled into one great video!

Welcome to my upcoming Rayfire tutorial Series. This tutorial is the introduction of the course where you will get all the info concering the training course

Arvid has been working in the film and animation industry for over 20 years. He’s a 3D graphics producer, animator, matte painting artist who specializes on fire simuations using Rayfire Studios’ software which is available to download through this site here: https://www2.rayfiresimulations/work/. Check out Arvids Advanced Shatter Tutorial Series-3ds Max Maya VRay”.