Creating An Animated Line Drawing In Blender

Using Blender, you can create an animation of strokes being “drawn on” to form the image. This is similar in effect as creating a write-on motion graphic using After Effects software.

We’ll use Blender’s grease pencil in a new, cool way and paint a famous 1473 portrait drawn by the Renaissance genious Leonardo Da Vinci

To draw the outline of an object in Blender, you need to add a background image and create a Belnder Grease Pencil Layer. From there you can trace out your design or use another tool like pencils for more natural looking lines if desired! Once created, make sure it’s set as “Build Modifier” before adding curves that will animate when triggered by start/end frames which determine how long each animation lasts.

Check out this tutorial for creating an animated line drawing in Blender.