Creating An Animated Ocean In After Effects

Caleb Ward Walks Through Creating an Animated Ocean in After Effects Using Only Bundled Tools

Fractals are a great way to create complex and organic designs, especially for those who need intricate detail. Whether you want an ocean scene that seems like it’s made out of liquid or whether your goal was simply some noise on top of which another layer will be placed as partfxa design principle; fractal effects can offer just what is needed!

“When it comes to creating water effects, fractal noise can be very helpful. You don’t really need any special 3D plugins or applications for something that looks fairly realistic.” VFX City’s Caleb Ward walks us through the process of making animated oceans complete with tricks on how you get waves moving at different speeds depending upon their depth in order create an appearance more like what we see out there every day without understanding mathematics – which he does not recommend doing anyway if one wants this type of result!
“This tutorial will show you everything you need tounderstands-to build pseudo-realistic water using various tools and effects built into After Effects,” says Ward.

Visit VFX City for the scene file download for this tutorial.