Creating An Image Flipbook In Cinema 4D Using Mograph Xpresso

Biscuits and Davey show off their mastery of Cinema 4D by making a flip book animation. In this tutorial, they detail how the materials were added onto moving planes with PlaneSmart plugin for C4d as well as do it all from Mograph Module!

Learn how to create your own Image FlipBook in Cinema 4D with images that can be flipped, modified and even animated!

Hi all! So, I recently had a wave of emails and questions about how to manage materials on planes in my Flipbook tutorial. Many you wanted me show how exactly added them inside After Effects but actually did it right into Cinema 4D – here’s what happened then, as well as some helpful tips from Mike the Monkey who also used Planesmart plugins for this process (and where he learned about their wonderful capabilities).