Creating Cel-shaded Cartoon Style Animated Fire In After Effects

Using standard bundled After Effects Plugs, Shawn Sheehan shows how to create a great looking cel-shaded animation of fire walking. He starts with customizable characters and masks before moving on for some special effects that will make your viewers’ jaw drop open!

In this video tutorial, we will learn how to create our own stylized “cartoon” animated flames using only the tools in After Effects CC! The program allows for complex animations with ease.

Shawn notes that there are plenty of ways to create a similar effect with 3rd party tools and plugins in After Effects, but it can be done easily using simple techniques which involve masks as well as wave warp.

The tutorial for How to Build an Animated Cartoon Fire is here!
Check out this great video, it’ll teach you everything that your little one needs know in order create their very own animated flame.