Creating Cinematic Fractals Using Mandelbulb3d And After Effects

Sometimes, 3D fractals can look like they’re straight out of a computer-generated video game. So what’s an artist to do? Julius Horsthuis has some tips that might help give them more life and make the viewer feel as though these are real creatures in our world – rather than just fictitious ones created by code!

One way this is done: “start with low triplanar figures,” which means shapes without any overlapping planes defines; next take those same basic starting points but add other elements such as shading or textures onto each one before doing anything else.

Julius is a talented 3D animator who creates some incredible pieces using the Mandelbulb3D app and After Effects for post work.

Some theory, some Mandelbulb3D, some After Effects

Julius shares some great tips for working with Mandelbulb3D and how it can be used to create different looking videos. He also shows you his methods in After Effects, where he gets that cinematic look!