Creating Clouds By Gradients On Blender Volumetrics

Creating clouds? There are a few ways to approach them. You might immediately think that billboards might be the best and fastest way, but what if you need more volume than just smoke or fluids can provide for your project’s needs? Well then try volumetrics! This cool technique in Blender will give off those billowing cumulonimbus-like shapes with ease – as long as they always stay on top of other models so they don’t become confusing distractions from any scene work going forward (a common occurrence).

Key to the effect is being able to define gradients on your volumetric animation. Watch Blender Add-on developer Shams Kitz walk through putting vertical linear Gradient Blend onto volumes with ease! There really isn’t a lot of it; basically just one simple gradient and noise texture applied in an unusual way that helps create realistic looking results quickly for those who know what they’re doing.