Creating Complex Braids And Buns With Ornatrix In Maya

The Ornatrix hair extension system is a great way to create stunning and durable buns or braids. Watch as Jeordanis Figuereo shows you how in this tutorial series!

Creating hair for digital characters can be tricky. There is a bit of a technical learning curve, but you’ll get the hang of it soon enough and have less difficulty styling your character’s mane! Sound like an interesting project?

The 3D-printing industry doesn’t just need people with artistic skills – they also need those who know how to create convincing animations from scratch using various software packages such as Maya or Unity3d .

It takes months before any real progress has been made because there are so many different aspects involved: modeling by hand or computer rendering into polygonal formates then constructing textures onto the top; adding rigging fixtures that allow programmers control over movement via joints.

With Ornatrix, you can create hair fur, and feathers with ease. This is because it allows for a more non-destructive process of grooming your pets’ manes into styles that are perfect to match any outfit!

Jordan is Figuereo is a 3D Character Artist/CG Hair trainer at Ephere. He has a good tutorial series that covers creating hairstyles with Ornatrix. It starts out with simple styles and then works up to buns and braids.